The workshop program includes oral and poster presentations that address the following main topics:

  • Metallization fundamentals: insights, limits, understanding
  • Metallization techniques: physics and potential
  • Passivating contacts
  • Future of metallization
  • Metallization for advanced cell concepts (e.g. TOPCon, PERT, SHJ, IBC, Perovskite-Tandem)
  • Study and improvement of solar cell soldering
  • Multi-wire interconnection
  • Shingling and other zero-spacing interconnection schemes
  • Conductive adhesive interconnections
  • Durability and degradation issues of metallization and interconnection
  • Simulation and modelling of metallization and interconnection

A lot of room will be given for discussion during the workshop.

Please note that, just like for previous editions, presenters will have the opportunity after the workshop to submit a paper, which will be peer-reviewed and made available online in open-access.