General Presentations 
 MIW organizors, Opening of MIW2021
 Chairs of market place discussion, Wrap-Up of Market Place Discussions 
 Session I:  Understanding of screenprinted contacts 
 Eve Krassowski, CE Cell Engineering GmbH,  Investigation of impact of cell properties on LECO effectiveness using off-spec PERC cells of different manufacturers on MK4 platform 
 Mengmeng Deng, EPFL,  Understanding and insight of paste formulation and curing behavior with sub-100-nanometer Ag-Cu core-shell nanoparticles 
 Pradeep Padhamnath, SERIS,  Modeling of contact resistivity of fire-through Ag-Al contacts to boron doped poly-Si  
 Session II: Shingling interconnection 
 Marc Estruga, Henkel,  Acrylate-, Epoxy- and Silicone-based electrically conductive adhesives as interconnection material in shingled module technology 
 Daniel von Kutzleben, F-ISE,  Progress in shingle interconnection based on electrically conductive adhesives at Fraunhofer ISE 
 María Ignacia Devoto, ISC,  Contact resistivity of ECA-based joints: How to extrapolate it? 
 Margit Lang, PCCL,  FEM simulation of deformations and stresses in strings of shingled solar cells under mechanical and thermal loading 
 Session III: Advanced printing techniques 
 Marco Galiazzo, AMAT,  Evaluation of different approaches for HJT cells metallization based on low temperature pastes 
 Karim Abdel Aal, KIT,  Effect of the addition of a slip agent to the bulk phase on the transfer properties of solar cell front site metallization pastes 
 Antonin Faes, CSEM,  Ink-jet printing of silicon heterojunction: from cell power to module reliability 
 Andreas Lorenz, F-ISE,  Progress with Rotary Screen Printed Fine Line Metallization for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells 
 Maximilian Pospischil, HighLine Technology,  Fully automated intermittent parallel dispensing 
 Session IV:  Cu plated contacts 
 Bertrand Paviet-Salomon, CSEM,  Reinforcement of screen-printed copper paste by electrodeposited copper for metallization of heterojunction solar cells 
 Thibaud Hatt, F-ISE,  Copper electroplating for SHJ solar cells – Adequate contact by electrolyte tuning 
 Can Han, TU Delft,  Controllable simultaneous bifacial Cu-plating for high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell 
Christian Schmiga, F-ISE,  23.6 % Efficient Bifacial i-TOPCon Silicon Solar Cells with < 20 μm Wide Ni/Cu/Ag-Plated Contact Fingers 
 Session V: Multi-BB interconnection 
 Veronika Nikitina, F-ISE,  High Speed Characterization of Electrically Conductive Adhesives for Industrial SHJ Solar Cell Ribbon Interconnection 
 Vincent Barth, CEA-INES,  Innovative industrial strategy based on Electrically Conductive Adhesive for HJT solar cells 
 Li Carlos Rendler, F-ISE,  Wave shaped wires for the interconnection of silicon solar cells without busbars or contact pads 
 Session VI: Metallization of advanced cell concepts 
 Andreas Nägele, F-ISE,  FOILMET®-CONNECT: Upgrading Adhesion by Employment of LMB 
 Dominik Rudolph, ISC,  Screen printable, non-fire-through copper paste applied as busbar metallization for back contact solar cells 
 Juan Diaz Leon, EFPL,  Sputtered polySi(n) passivating contacts compatible with direct metallization 
 Martin Bivour, F-ISE,  Challenges and Perspectives for the TCO and Metal Electrodes in Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells: Performance and Scalability